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Relax With Stress-Free Payments on PaySlowSlow, and Revive With Pretty360

We have PayNow, PayAnyone, PayLater, and now PaySlowSlow?? At times, I imagine Moneylenders Credit Bureau coming up with PayUp, but let’s not get there for now. 

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and the review of Pretty360 is based on my personal experience and honest opinions. 

PaySlowSlow was first launched in Malaysia last year. Their lingo is to enable one to experience the unlimited, stress-free! We know how important it can be to feel empowered to pay for each milestone in our lives. Yet, the stress of being in debt can be very stressful. PaySlowSlow wants to help you pay for your kid’s education, your first wedding package, your honeymoon, or renovating your dream home by reducing your financial stressors and maintaining free cash flow for your emergencies. They believe that anyone and everyone should enjoy the best things in life through convenient and interest-free payments option. 

Here’s a summary of how PaySlowSlow works. 

stress-free payslowslow digital platform

Every account has a spending limit of $5000, which you are allowed to spend within this limit. After you paid for the first installment of the product or service you bought, you will be able to receive your purchase. There will be a penalty charge if you missed a scheduled payment, capped at SGD$150 admin fees. 

And while I am writing this, the team of creators behind PaySlowSlow are working hard to bring on board the best deals in town, so you can expect a wide range of lifestyle, F&B, travel, beauty, education, and many more when they launch the app on the 15th February. To welcome customers onto the platform, shoppers can sign up to get $10 off any merchant available here with code .

If you are a business owner looking to expand your business, you can sign up here!

For more information, head over to their social media pages to find out more! 

And for a limited time, PaySlowSlow will be having a giveaway contest where one lucky winner will walk away with a 90mins Oxylift carat facial (worth $398) and a Couple Massage with Herbal mask/back scrub (worth $298)! The giveaway contest is a partnership with Pretty360 and will be held from the 14th of Feb – 25th of Feb. All you need to do is to follow and like PaySlowSlow Instagram and Facebook page. It is that simple. like, follow, and win!  


stress-free spa and beauty entrance

A much-needed self-pampering time to rejuvenate and relax.

How many of you make it a point to go to the spa for a body massage? 

I was having stiff shoulders from the long hours of staring at my phone and laptop, so much so that the tension has been affecting my sleep. 

Fortunately, my tensed muscles were massaged away with Pretty360, a small parlor conveniently located in Singapore Shopping Centre. Tucked cozily in the corner of the shopping mall, one can look to pamper oneself with their comprehensive range of beauty services which include manicure, pedicure, and IPL services as well. The parlor is neatly decorated, the star products are displayed at the inner part of the shop, so you don’t feel like you just walked into a retail shop. 

Pretty360 incorporates traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) methods in their body and face massages. For example, if you are looking to detoxify and cleanse your body, the friendly therapists will recommend suitable treatments to solve your problems. They have machines that use similar TCM approaches to target the specific troubled areas. 

couple spa and beauty

My initial plan was to go in for a simple 90-minute aromatherapy massage, my usual routine when my body is screaming SOS. Yvonne, my pretty massage therapist that day, recommended that I should try their TCM massages. She realized that my knots were tight so the normal massaging might not be as effective. I was quite reluctant at first because firstly I am not a fan of the scents of those Chinese herbs. Secondly, I avoid gua sha and cupping at all costs because of the ugly marks that are left behind after each treatment. Yet, Yvonne assured me that she used to work in a Chinese medical hall and is very experienced in those treatments. According to her, there will likely only be a little redness on the areas that have the most ‘qi’. So, with her confidence and assurance, I decided to give it a shot. Plus, I was curious how viable the machine could be. 

True enough, after the session was over, there were no bruised marks on my back. 

Yvonne kept true to her promise, and although she kept the pressure to the minimum, I can feel the tension had nearly disappeared. The entire session was so relaxing, thanks to the machine and her professional skills, that I nearly fell asleep had I not been trying to take snapshots of the process. 

If you would like to check out those photos, you can find them here

Another thing that caught me by surprise was there was no hard selling at all. Usually, the moment you step into any beauty parlor, you will feel like a gazelle in a field of lions. Not once did Yvonne try to get me to sign a package or top-up for additional treatment during my session. She generously gave me tips on dealing with my shoulders and lower back pain, and even gave me suggestions on how I can improve my skin texture. 

So, after a good back scrub, back massage using essential oils to ease the tensions, gua sha, and cupping, and finally the traditional massage to the rest of my body, I am so relaxed that I wished I did not have to leave the bed. 

Their treatment packages, I must say, are not expensive too. Their first trial of several treatments starts from $38, you can find out more information about the parlor here

pretty360 spa and beauty massage

I know what you are probably thinking right now…

If your mind is now doing mathematics formulas thinking, “how am I going to pay for these beauty packages? I should probably just skip this.”, you will be happy to know that you can erase those formulas away. Pretty360 is one of the many merchants that have partnered with PaySlowSlow, so you just need to relax, enjoy, and stay pretty!

spa and beauty massage

Before I end my piece, just to add my two cents on these digital payment platforms 

The simplicity of paying for services and products in interest-free installments, without the need for credit cards, has made our lives so much easier. We can now buy things that once took us a long time to consider. We can also travel the world without burning a big hole in our pockets the moment we purchase the tickets. Some of us no longer need to apply for credit cards based on our income or worry about the card’s membership fees. However, one can be easily caught in the web of online purchases. While anyone can now use these platforms to buy the things they need, it is also very easy to overspend amid the spending thrill. So like all other life experiences, think before you purchase, buy within your needs, and enjoy the digital advancements these experts have to offer us. 


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