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Feeling Vexed About Returning To Work? These 6 Tips Might Perk You Up!

At first, the entire world was forced to lock themselves at home and learn how to have virtual meetings. 


After getting accustomed to the virtual lifestyle, you are forced to readjust back to face-to-face 9 am – 5 pm working hours in the office.   


Top it up with the never-ending office drama from Drama Queen. 


As we regulate back to pre-Covid19 days, more employers are requesting their employees to return to offices full-time, without giving thoughts on hybrid working.   


How do you control your emotions and ease the distress that is elevating in you knowing that you are returning to work? 


Practice self-care routines

Get into a routine of your regular workday a week before returning to work. Have timely meals, consistent sleep timings, and take regular exercises to clear your mind. 


Get yourself into your pre-COVID work pace. 


Start work during your usual office hours and stop working at the end of the workday. Shut down the computer, stop checking emails, and switch to focus on your personal life. Make this your daily routine to get your mind accustomed to it. 


Meditating, practising deep-breathing exercises, or spending time in nature can help reduce your stress and anxiety and improves your mood.


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Something Else For You

Makeover your wardrobe

Retail therapy is everyone’s (or most people’s) happy pill. 


I can’t think of anyone who does not feel happy when they dress up. 

You want to look good and glamorous on your first day back to work. Those clothes sitting in the wardrobe look dull and remind you of that horrible Karen who constantly tells you that your clothes are boring. 


Returning to work is the perfect chance to bring new life to your wardrobe! 


When you know you look good, your confidence gets boosted a little more. It gives you a tinge of excitement to show off your new style, and you will look forward to returning to work. 


Accept the change

Our human brain is coded to dislike adapting to changes. Any types of changes. Especially not after settling down in the comfort of our couch. This is because we feel secure when we are in control of situations.

Learn to let go and don’t let your thoughts run wild. Many times, things are not as scary as you imagine them to be. 


Being mentally prepared will also help ease your anxiety before your return-to-work date. Walkthrough scenarios that you anticipate when you are back at work. For example, chatting with your colleagues in the pantry while pouring a glass of coffee, or the type of conversations you will be having when you finally see your colleagues again. 


Stay connected

Are you meeting up with your colleagues even though you are working from home? 


If you are sitting on the couch-potato spectrum, it’s time to socialize again! 


One of the downsides of working from home is isolation. And when you are used to conversing on screens, you will feel the difference having to do face-to-face talking. 


You are worried about sounding too awkward in front of your colleagues, but like what my son loves to tell me, “Practice makes progress!” 

So go out there, make small talk when you are buying your coffee or when you meet your neighbour in the lift. 


Set your boundaries

If you are a parent, a boundary is something that does not exist in the house. 


Yet, you have successfully conquered that obstacle and learned to compromise with your little co-workers while working on that Excel spreadsheet in the middle of your living room. 

Furthermore, working from home has made you easily accessible at any time of the day (or so bosses like to think). That means more workload and less family time. 


When you returned to work, no doubt it will feel odd to be surrounded by dividers in a cubicle and the sounds of keyboards clacking away. But you don’t have to avoid flying objects from your kids while figuring those numbers on the spreadsheet. Neither do you have to work on those emails and work calls after working hours. It’s two stones killing one bird, not a bad deal indeed. 


Be open to communication

If you feel more productive working from home, have a chat with your superior. 


Suddenly being around many people might be too overbearing for some, which is understandable. 


Many employers are open to different approaches, such as hybrid working schedules.


They recognized the benefits of flex work and the importance of giving employees flexible structures to get the best of work done. 


Be open when you have the discussion of hybrid schedules with your manager or supervisor. Let him know your preferences, needs, and how you will still be able to get the work done from home. 


returning to work safe distancing

Besides having to deal with the stress of working with people physically again, you might also be worried about being exposed to the virus. Ask about the company’s COVID-19 safety policy and protocols. Your safety is important, and you should not be apologetic about it. 


Don’t feel shy to practice safe distancing and wearing a mask, because you are not alone. This is one of the top concerns for many who are returning to work. You can gently remind the person if she is coming in too close to you. You can also stand behind your desk or reorganize your desk area to give you more space. 


If you feel that you need help to cope with your anxieties about returning to work, there will always be someone to lend a listening ear. Reach out to these hotlines for emotional and psychological support, and yes, even the strong people need help one way or another. 


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