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Discover 5 Reasons How Regular Routines Will Make Your Life for the Better

As a kid, your parents would have several sets of rules – meal times at 6 pm, TV time at 7.30 pm, and be in bed by 10 pm. 


When you become a young adult – you smell freedom like bacon. Your regular routines fade away into the unknown. 


There is no longer a schedule to live by, pop the champagne! 


As years passed, eventually you get tired of your lifestyle and become stressed, overwhelmed, and unproductive. 


In short, you have lost your direction.

How having regular routines changed my life

regular routines in the morning

I used to view routines as boring, rigid, and dull – and I know many people share similar views. 


Why would anyone in their decent mind want to commit themselves to such things? 


In recent years, after having kids, building a business, and keeping a healthy lifestyle, I came to understand the importance of having regular routines. 


A simple action that you do daily becomes a part of your life habitually. 


Penning down my schedules on my planner gives me a clear direction for my tasks. Doodling on it turns out to be my motivation and enjoyment. It takes my mind away from my work. 

My kind of planner includes a monthly calendar, a section with weekly to-do list, and a section with blank pages. This way, I write the most important tasks on the calendar, the tasks I have to complete on that day, and my kids’ schedules or grocery lists on the blank pages. 

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Everyone has different sets of routines that they are comfortable with. Some people plan down to the second, while others pin down their to-do lists on Post-It. 

So how do you know if you need to have regular routines? 

  1. Struggling to complete tasks on time?
  2. Feeling unproductive?
  3. Always feel that you do have not enough time.
  4. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out
  5. Not being able to meet your friends because you are forever drowned in work.

If these five items get ticked off your list, then you probably need to start having regular routines too.  

Routines give you structure

Making error mistakes or impulse decisions reduce when there is a daily routine. 

You are clear about the tasks you have to do each day without thinking about them. When you complete one task, you move on to the next automatically. 

Not knowing what to do next will put your brain into panic mode when there is no prioritization. You will figure out your productive timings when you repeat an action every day, as it becomes a habit.

Be more productive

regular routines checklist

With standard sets of routines, you will be able to complete your tasks on time. 

You learn to eliminate distractions and focus on your performance to complete the tasks. This improves the flow of your performance.

Your self-discipline improves as you start portraying this positive attitude and become organized. Not only will you start feeling happier when you work, but you will also bring out this positivity in your relationship, emotions, and other aspects of your life. 

Know your priorities clearer

Many people deceive themselves by turning on the laptop and staring at it. Perhaps words will start appearing on the screen. 

If you have no after-work life, surfing through Facebook sounds like a fun idea. 

But if you have plans for ladies’ night, routines will be your saviour. You will start prioritizing the important tasks, leaving the not-so-important ones to the next day, and still have time to doll up for the night. 

Plan your calendar with ease

Put in certain tasks that you do every day on your calendar first. Followed by appointments or errands for that day or week. 

Whether you need to do the laundry, do grocery shopping, or set up a meeting call with a potential client, you will be able to plan them out clearly. 

Having regular routines keeps your feet on the ground and organized. If like me planning is not your forte, it will be a good habit to start having regular routines. 

Be a healthier and happier you

Being able to complete productive tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your mood. 

When you finish a big assignment, you feel like you have conquered the world and finally, you can have that deserving caramel macchiato frap venti.

Not only that, you get to have more time to do the things you like and spend more time with family. 

regular routines go get them

Random Fact

Many of us have always been performing routines that we do not even realize. 

Let me give you one example of the daily routine: You get out of bed at 7.30 am to prepare for work, start work from 9 am to 5 pm (excluding overtime), and start your count down to head out of the office at 4.50 pm sharp. 

With so many benefits linked to regular routines, they are worth your efforts to maintain. 

Your lifestyle and personality also play a part in creating new daily routines. But if you are looking to break your bad habits and turn the negative emotions into positive ones, there are lots of routines that can be done easily. 

You might decide to have a healthier lifestyle, or you are starting a new business. While you are figuring out new routines to suit your needs, remember to take it easy. 

Enjoy the moments of these trials and errors to understand your comfort zone and push your boundaries.

The objective of having routines is to make your life easier, not more miserable. 

So go ahead and start planning those activities that make you happy! 

Please share with me what is that one thing you must do every day by commenting below, and don’t forget to share this write-up with your friends! 


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