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I’m Juliana and I am a multi-tasker. 

Multi-tasking is not for everyone, but I think I’ve honed my craft to a degree whereby I can complete an article while eyeballing my boys with their school homework.

Very typical Asian mum, yes, I know.

I prefer to describe myself as a free-spirited mom who spoils her kids (to a certain extent). I apply my motto in life to my freelancing work and be open to all projects. I enjoy working with clients from all industries, and my specialized writing style is the “How To” and “List” articles.

Working with companies, big and small, through affiliated products and reviews has also been an amazing experience. Freelancing is all about the learning journey on top of our crafting skills, and it requires self-discipline to hit tight deadlines.

Recently, I explored ghostwriting but due to contractual terms, I am not able to reveal the articles that I wrote. Nevertheless, I am lucky enough to meet friendly clients who gave positive feedback on my work.

Contact me via email by clicking on the Email button below. I look forward to forging a long term partnership with you!   

...From Jul, With Love

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