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Look Good and Confident for All of Your Virtual Meetings

Living with COVID has led to living and working through various virtual meeting platforms. 

Our work has become part of our home spaces, and it seems that more are spending their time (and money) online than pre-Covid days. (Not) surprisingly, fashion and beauty are some of the top e-commerce product categories in Singapore. 

Do you feel good after looking at yourself in the mirror before going to work? 

With virtual meetings, there is an odd sense of dressing up professionally in your home. You start to dress less sharply, forgoing makeup and accessories, and soon you look like you just got out of bed.

If you want to get back the respect of your colleagues and look good again, here are some tips you can consider to look like a professional at Zoom meetings.

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Shower and wash your hair

A good shower and scrub are some of the most refreshing experiences to help you take on the challenges for the rest of the day. 

Nourish your scalp with a refreshing cleansing experience to get all the gunk and overcrowded thoughts out.  

scalp purifying look good work from home

The Scalp Purifying Micellar Shampoo from Kristin Ess Hair helps to cleanse your scalp without stripping them of their moisture.

This hair shampoo is suitable for all hair types – colored, curled/permed, oily, normal, dry. It does not contain chemicals, so you can be assured that your hair will be glossy and smooth.

fresh body look goodIf you are one for morning showers, citrus-based fragrances zing up your day, pumping your adrenaline a little.  

Formulated with natural and organic ingredients, you can be sure this gentle yet powerful body wash will make you smell like a goddess.Fresh Body | Clean Mind” Body Wash

For one of the more purifying and indulgent haircare, Jeunesse offers a salon-quality luxury hair care system for anyone at home. Being highly focused on stellar ingredients, Jeunesse uses an array of botanicals and extracts to complete their hair care system that is free from nasties such as parabens, silicones, sulfates, and dyes.


Hair Spray & Styling Creams

Since you are working from home, your commuting time is cut down and you can spend that time to blow dry and style it up without having to stress of missing your transport.

You might even achieve those looks you have been wanting to try since you are not rushing for that bus or train. From hairsprays to waxes to pomades, shape your hair, off your fringes, or go with that big perm and stay on top of things!

Here are some of the hair sprays that were tried and tested, and come with good public reviews too!

Happy skin, happy face

Zoom meetings can zoom in on your imperfections especially with a low-resolution video.

You want a clean and fresh face to maintain your professional outlook even when working from home. First impressions are the most important.

So spend time to work out an appropriate skincare regime that fits your lifestyle and budget. 

After a good clean, apply moisturizer or hydrating lotion even when working at home to keep your skin from drying out and looking tired. If you are in for a long meeting, consider a brightening serum to maintain a glowing and fresh face. 

clinique all day moisturizer look good
Clinique Moisture Surge

Before applying the moisturizer, remember to apply serum! Here’s why. Serums are lighter than face creams, so they can penetrate deeper into the skin. A moisturizer’s job is to create a barrier to ensure all ingredients are kept on the skin. 

face serum working from home look good
Vitamin Nectar Glow Juice Antioxidant Face Serum

Working from home Casual and Chic Style

As we already know by now, online shopping is readily accessible at our fingertips and there’s no lack of options and variety with fashion. 

If you are tired of the usual office wear and want to be the new cutting-edge fashionista in front of the camera, Pomelo has various styles that might suit your needs.

One style that will surely have Fashion Police approvals is the Asymmetrical Sleeveless Top. This asymmetrical hemline design is flawless and goes well with most bottoms. And if you look closely, these are diamond-shaped cuttings that are designed with meticulous care. 

asymmetrical top pomelo working from home
VINN PATARARIN Asymmetrical Sleeveless Top

What about those days where you have to drag yourself to attend those Zoom meetings? 

Who cares about hair sprays or even putting on lipstick, let alone thinking about what to wear?

Jumpsuits are the answer to your problems. 

This Wide Leg Knit Jumpsuit gives a simple and clean look, you no need accessories to bring out the design of this one-piece suit.

wide leg jumpsuit working from home look good
Wide Leg Knit Jumpsuit from Pomelo

Another hot fashion favorite is none other than our local favorite, Zalora. Shopping for your regular international brands online has never gotten easier. 

puff sleeves look good
Puff Sleeves Crop Top

The camera looks bright colors, making you look livelier and young. If your meeting allows you to be casual, chic, and casual is the killer look to go for. 

Not only do you look professional, but you also would not need to worry about looking too formal for the meeting. Complete the look with a pair of regular-fit jeans from Mango. This pair of jeans is made from 100% sustainable cotton, and machine washable. 

complete look with mango jeans working from home
Straight Leg Mango Jeans to complete the look

Can’t find what you are looking for on Pomelo or Zalora?

Don’t worry, it happens sometimes.

Well, fret not. Love, Bonito to the rescue! Their mojo is that ‘fashion is a tool’. They want women to stand tall, speak loud, and shine brighter. So shine loud and bright you shall. 

Why settle for dull, basic colors when you can have colors like jade?

Relaxed Top look good working from home
Aneth Relaxed Top

And here’s something which I own and love.

This dusty pink off-shoulder top is suitable for all kinds of occasions. Attending your last Zoom meeting before dinner date or nights out with the girls?

off shoulder crinkled top working from home
Kash Crinkled Off Shoulder Blouse

Get set to look good!

Bring your stylish work-from-home look to another level with none other than jewelry!

After all, how can you say no to those glitters and sparkles?

Here’s a local company that uses authentic Swarovski crystals, and triple protection layers on their creations. Lush Addiction takes pride in its high-quality materials, ensuring that not only will you look posh with style, but your skin is also well-protected from the toxic stains due to sweat and oil. 

If you are into silvers and pearls, these are some of the highly sought after ones: 

pearl earrings look good working from home
Allure Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Pearl
Avis Necklace look good working from home
Avis Necklace

For gold or rose gold lovers, try these! 

butterfly necklace look good
Butterfly 18K Gold Plated Necklace
angular earrings look good work from home
Angular Hoop Earrings

Working from home often can make us forget the need to dress up to feel good. But do keep in mind that when you know you look good, you can perform better and stay focus during the meeting. So go ahead, wear those beautiful clothes and wow your colleagues on your next virtual meeting! 

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