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Having Difficulties Choosing Your Right Type Of Flowers?

Flowers – you either love them or you fall in love with them. 

These beautiful, colorful creations never fail to make it to the top of the home décor list. And they are made perfect for any occasion. 

Regardless of weddings, promotions, or house decorations, flowers are something that you should not overlook (in your life). 

I have been searching for a regular florist who will take the time to listen and to give me suggestions that will suit the occasion. So far it has been quite a disappointment. Most of the time when you walk into a florist shop, the sales assistant either never bothers to look up or she will tell you the name of the flower. Let us not even talk about shopping at a nursery. 

Up until I met Derek from Bliss Bouquets.

Disclaimer: This review post is a paid advertisement with Bliss Bouquets. All information is based on my personal opinion and experience with them. There are no additional charges to you when you click on the links, but you will be helping me to provide you with more future reviews on Modern Mom Life.

Bliss Bouquets has been established since 2012, so it is no surprise that his knowledge of flowers is wide as the sky. What captured my attention was his willingness to spend more than an hour not to sell his service, but to listen to a novice who knows nothing much about flowers.  

Why flowers, you might ask, and of all things, fresh flowers that will make a mess on the floor when they wither?

Here are 8 amazing reasons why: 

  1. They reduce stress
  1. They improve moods tremendously
  1. They bring positive vibes to both men and women
  1. They help relax your brain
  1. They improve concentration
  1. They boost your mental and physical health
  1. They improve your sleep when the brain is more relaxed
  1. They clean the air

Have you ever noticed the scent of mixed fragrance whenever you walk past a florist or nursery? The way the scents play with your brains and olfactory sense, and the array of colors that captures your attention even if your mind refuses to give in to it? 

That is the power of flowers. 

I work from home most of the days and I was looking for ways to brighten up my living room. When I was recommended to Bliss Bouquets, I was blown away by the images of the many types of flower arrangements showing up on my screen. You will notice how meticulous these people are in strategizing the placement of the flowers, it is like a walk through a virtual art gallery.  

The flowers are arranged beautifully, with every detail well thought out – from the type of flowers, the country of origin, the colors combination, down to the different style of tying the ribbon. I love it when people go the extra mile to ensure that every fine detail is to perfection.  

Derek shared so much over the phone with me, such as how the same type of rose has different textures and colors when they are from different countries. He even gave me some tips for keeping the flowers looking fresh and prolonging their lifespan. He also shared that all the flowers are prepared on the day of delivery or the day before if some of the flowers require time in a cold temperature to bloom. 

Although we were conversing solely over the phone, I can tell that he and his team of florists take pride in their designs and customer satisfaction very seriously. 

Since my knowledge of flowers is limited, I asked if Derek could come up with his creation based on the things we have discussed on the phone. And within a short period of 4 days, he delivered this beautiful and elegant bouquet right at my doorstep!

bouquet of flowers

So, these flowers include Hydrangea, Alstromeria, Waxflower, Mattiola, Pom pom flower, and Green bells. Looking at the different shades of pink and red just makes me feel so happy and loved.

Can you imagine how your wife, girlfriend, or beloved mom will be feeling when they receive this stunning bouquet from their precious someone?  

Through our conversation, Derek could feel my excitement and passion for flowers, and with my friendly and approachable personality, he chose these shades of red and pink flowers. Turns out, pink is a symbol of friendship and charm, while a red represents heat and passion. Sure right I’m passionate about everything I do!

Overall, my entire experience with Bliss Bouquets has been such a pleasant experience. Never once I felt that I was judged for the lack of knowledge of flowers, or that the team was hard selling any service. His team of highly skilled florists never fails to deliver top-quality flower arrangements, which you can browse through here

Every mom is a superhero, so surprise your supermom with a charming bouquet this Mother’s Day! I’m sure Derek and his team of florists will be more than happy to create a unique and stylish piece that will leave a lifetime of sweet memories for you and your mom. Don’t forget to quote ‘jul_sgmom’ before you cart out for a 10% discount on all items! 

mother's day flowers bouquet

Who else deserves this beautiful bouquet more than the one who loves you your whole life?

Show your appreciation to your supermom but you only have until this Sunday (2nd May 2021) to do so!

This exclusive bouquet is going at $250, quote ‘jul_sgmom’ for 15% discount*!

Bliss Bouquets is located at:

1 Claymore Drive #01-11, Orchard Tower (Rear Block). Singapore 229594

Mon – Fri, 10am – 6pm

Saturday, 10am – 4pm

Sunday, Closed

P.S: Do you know that flowers do not just have to be table arrangements or hand bouquets? Some people dehydrate flower petals to be part of a decoration, or made into soap! For me, I like to use them as a bookmark. 

flowers bookmark

*Note that the 15% discount only applies to this exclusive bouquet. All other items have a 10% discount when you order them from here.


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  1. I am always amazed by flower arrangements. I love flowers that I plant several types in my garden! It does boost a positive mood.

  2. This was a wonderful read. I love that flower arrangement. It’s so vibrant in color. I used to get my mother a bouquet of yellow roses every Mother’s day because those were her favorite. So I’ve always thought that flowers were the perfect gift. They just make you feel good. Thank you for share.

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