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8 Tips To Wake Up Feeling Refreshed Without Needing Coffee

Ah, that luxury feeling when you can finally hit the bed for a good night’s rest. Any mom knows how that goes. 

But why is the alarm ringing so fast the next morning? It felt like you had just fallen asleep. 

Not sure about you, but to wake up feeling refreshed is part of my definition of a miracle. I love to hit the snooze button one time too many. Cursing and swearing under the breath, promising yourself to sleep earlier that night is an everyday affair. Not forgetting wishing that the pillow has noise cancellation effects. If you are the same as me, share my post to let me know I’m not alone! 

But don’t you wish you can get out of bed feeling more refreshed and less grumpy?  

Our body clock located in the brain produces and regulates our circadian rhythms, which explains why it is important to have a sleep schedule. The sleep patterns in these 24 hours are determined by the circadian rhythm, and the rhythms can be affected by external factors such as daylight and darkness.

To regulate your body clock, there are routines that you can start practising to wake up feeling refreshed the next day to get you going.

wake up feeling refreshed morning

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1. Understand what’s your reason to improve your wake-up routine

When you are planning to make a change in your normal routine, it can be difficult for your mind and body to get used to something new initially. This is why you need to validate why waking up feeling refreshed the next morning is important.

Do you want to wake up feeling refreshed to prepare better lunch boxes for the kids, or to have breakfast together on time? Perhaps if you wake up feeling refreshed you will be able to decide on a better office outfit to make a killer presentation?

Whatever the reasons, once you can understand your needs to be waking up feeling refreshed, you will feel more motivated to make things happen.

2. Place your alarm clock as far as possible


So, you lose the urge to snooze it.

In our digital world, your alarm clock most probably looks a rectangular shape with curved edges and a black screen in front.

Staring at your phone before you sleep is bad for your brains and body. As we’re entering into the night, our body produces melatonin that promotes sleepiness. Thanks to the blue light from the devices, it slows down our body’s speed of producing melatonin, affecting our sleep cycle.

Coming back to snoozing, do you know there is a term to describe the constantly snoozing action? It’s called drockling. According to sleep scientists, the more you snooze, the more you are confusing your internal clock. Waking up and falling back asleep again can make you more tired during the day, affecting your focus and alertness.

3. Let that sunray in! 

Depending on which region you are in, some regions might be more difficult to get exposure to the sun. Regardless, open those shades and let the sunshine in. 

Morning sun is one of the best ways you can get your body clock ticking. If your schedule allows, go for a morning walk to get that sunshine, giving your body a boost of vitamin D and elevate your mood. Walking is not your thing? No problem! Have breakfast on your porch then.

What about those dark, rainy days or during the winter season? Flick those lights on when you wake up or get artificial lights to brighten up the room.

4. Make the bed

I had no idea how beneficial it is to make the bed can be until I wrote this article. Who else does not make your beds every day? I’m guilty as charged.

But, if you want to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, time to get into the habit of making your beds every morning. A poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that 19% are more likely to have better sleep at night. Making your bed tends to give you a sense of pride knowing that you have accomplished a small task. A positive feeling makes you feel good about yourself, and that sets a positivity to the start of your day.  

And think about this, wouldn’t you feel calm and happy when you come home to see a tidy, cosy bed staring back at you?  

5. Use a diffuser

wake up feeling refreshed diffuser
Image by Scentedlife Shopee seller

Essential oils have been clinically researched and proven to bring about an increase in focus and a decrease in fatigue. Some even boost your immunity and prevent those mozzies.

With a wide variety of essential oils in the market, do a little research on your own to find out which types have the benefits you are seeking. Every essential oil is different and remembers not to mix them up. They can become harmful if used wrongly.

Some of the essential oils that aid in helping you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning include but not limited to:

– Lemon essential oil

– Peppermint essential oil

– Rosemary essential oil

– Thyme essential oil

– Cedarwood essential oil

– Ginger essential oil

6. Include stretches in your morning routine

Stretching is one of the simplest exercises you can incorporate into your morning routines. It does not have to be those complicated yoga stretches you see on social media. For as little as five minutes, your mind and body are ready to start your day on a strong note.

Stretching can loosen those tight muscles, ease the stress, and increase alertness. Do you find yourself waking up to a stiff neck or shoulder? Move your head in circles, stretch it left and slowly to the right, and swing your arms. These are some of the simple stretches you can do to increase your blood flow.

7. Change out of your PJs. 

The idea of being in your PJs the entire day might seem enticing, but it is not exactly helping your mind to tune into reality.

Like the logic of changing your baby out of his PJs when he wakes up in the morning, you want to do the same to yourself. You are indirectly telling your mind that it is the start of the day, and it is time to get productive.  

During this period when most of us will be working from home, it is crucial to separate work life and home life. If you are sticking to your pyjamas all day, it can have an on your internal clock leading to additional sleep problems.  

8. Have a glass of water before coffee

Coffee is something I need to have before I start my day. It is part of my routine, and I know I’m not alone here.

What I realized was if I were to have a glass of water before my fuel drink, my mind seems to be more awakened, and I feel energized.

One of the reasons is when (and if) we sleep the recommended six to eight hours, our body becomes dehydrated. And water is the quickest way to rehydrate ourselves. Coffee, on the other hand, might add to dehydration, which is why you might not feel as awakened even after that glass of double shot caffeine. 

Water helps to regulate and fuel your brain functions and jump-starts your metabolism. So, you know what to do tomorrow if you want to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning!

wake up feeling refreshed and coffee

Mornings do not have to be gloomy or dreadful if you do it right. Get into the right habits and turn them into your morning routines, not only do you ensure you wake up feeling refreshed the next day, you put yourself into a better mood too!

Every one of you is different, no one schedule fits all. Explore which options work best for you if you are new to the sleep routine and try to keep to it. Set alarms for reminders or use post-it sticky notes to paste them around the house. Something fun and different goes a long way to creating consistent routines.

What do you do to ensure you wake up on the right side of the bed? Share your tips so more of us can wake up feeling refreshed too!


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10 Responses

  1. I can swear by almost all the points you listed especially making the bed and changing out of the PJs. I started doing then regularly a few months back when the pandemic lifestyle had made it hard for me, and the difference is amazing! I’m going to give the essential oils a try as well.

    1. That’s great to know! It’s so important to start the day right to have the energy to fight the day’s battles. Do take care and stay safe!

  2. These are some of the best and up to date points to add in waking up routine as a daily driver. Also loved that you include the morning stretches too which is the best for everyone.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Stay safe and happy!

  3. I don’t drink coffee because I don’t like it and caffeine doesn’t suit me, but I love these recommendations to give you a jolt in the morning without having caffeine! Thank you for sharing these ideas x

  4. I changed up my routine to make sure I start the morning with a glass of naturally sparkling mountain or volcanic water. It has really helped as it wakes me up and makes me feel like I’m being healthy. I love your other tips, especially letting the sun in and making the bed!

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