Balancing Motherhood and Work Life Effectively: 8 Life-Saving Tips for Mothers Who Work from Home

Being a mom in the 21st Century is tough. The pressure to fit into society can hinder the pursuit of true happiness.


Holding a successful, well-paying job, and a loving family with accomplished kids in academics and sports. Not forgetting a creative hobby turned into a side hustle. I like to think of it as the modern-day checklist for busy working parents in the 21st century.

In reality, balancing motherhood and work forms a lifestyle that demands daily juggling and top-notch organizational skills. You’re essentially the go-to Personal Assistant for everyone, with schedules etched in your memory. Having a Class 3 driving license is a plus while being meticulously organized and detail-focused is crucial. And let’s not overlook the importance of multitasking prowess – it’s an absolute must. Doesn’t it resemble a dynamic job profile?


balancing motherhood and work life
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If you are striving to balance motherhood and work life too,

This post is dedicated to you!


Believe me, I understand the challenges solopreneur moms are facing because I’m swimming in the same ocean.

When I started ghostwriting web content for clients in 2021, it was a side hustle as I was also working as a property advisor. In the first quarter of this year, I told my husband, “Scrape this, I’m going to make writing into my full-time business”. 

As a property advisor, even though you manage your time, you work around the client’s available time. And I work in my agency’s (very cool) office, so I hardly work when they are home. 

Imagine my horror when I realized the near impossibility of completing any writing when my kids were home! 

So, feeling at wit’s end, I started experimenting with various methods to help me stay productive and continue to spend quality time with my boys. 

breathe and balancing motherhood and work life
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My discovery of balancing motherhood and work life effectively

I have discovered 8 tips which helped me tremendously in balancing motherhood and remote working, and here they are. 


1. Communication is key 

While you’re no longer answering to co-workers, now you have your spouse and kids around who might occasionally get on your nerves.

Creating boundaries is essential when you’re working from home. When it comes to your kids, you can set clear household rules to establish boundaries. Explain to them the reasons these boundaries matter and ask for their cooperation.

Communicating your daily schedule to everyone in advance can avoid awkwardness while you’re in a meeting. As adorable as it can get, the situation can be embarrassing when a small voice chimes in in the middle of a discussion with sandwich requests.


2. Set up a work corner 

Creating a personalized work area helps your brain tell the difference between work and personal time. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should work in a distracting spot.

My husband jokingly calls my work area “The Holy Ritual”.

No, I don’t pray before working or ask for wisdom before brainstorming ideas. I prefer not to have anyone touching my stuff – things tend to disappear with kids around.

Put things on your desk that make you happy, like plants, trays to organize your papers, and holders for your pencils. The more you love your workspace, the more excited you’ll be to start working.

If you’ve got a spare room for an office, try something fun like hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign or a sign that says “Beware of the Mother Bear” on the door.

Here’s another important tip for making your workspace great – get good furniture. As writers, we stare at the computer for a long time, which can hurt our necks and shoulders. Plus, looking at the screen too much is bad for your eyes. Consider investing in a comfy chair that’s good for your posture and a work table you can adjust to stand at. I even switch between sitting on a yoga ball and using a chair – it’s not only good for my core muscles but changing things up also keeps my mind awake.


3. Set up routines

Trying to attempt parenting and work at home can go haywire if you don’t have routines – a simple method with countless benefits.

Even though it might sound easy, sticking to routines takes some getting used to.

If you want to be better at staying focused on work and other aspects of life, start setting routines for yourself. Every day, make it a point to go to your work area (your start work) and plan out your day. You can try scheduling new tasks the night before, and share them with your family members.

Once routines become a habit, you’ll notice you’re doing daily tasks without needing to plan. You will then have more time to focus on other priorities.

balancing motherhood and work load
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4. Break up the big task

Recently, I got a full-sleeve tattoo, which took six sessions to complete. Can you imagine if I tried to finish the whole sleeve in just one go? It’d be like a scene from Final Fantasy XVII (17) – quite a challenge!

Now think about trying to write an entire book in a single sitting. I won’t be surprised if you conclude the book with happily ever after for the female character with the boy next door by Chapter 3. You’d be mentally (and physically) exhausted.

Don’t put yourself through that kind of torture. Break your projects into smaller, doable tasks. This helps fight off procrastination and keeps your work more organized. You can even plan out how many days you need to finish the project and focus on the parts that need more attention.


5. Be flexible

Did you know that when you learn to break down big tasks into smaller ones, you’re gaining a new skill?

You’ve unlocked the Flexi Skillset!

When you deal with smaller tasks, it’s easier to handle interruptions or unexpected stuff. Even if you must step away, it is more straightforward to continue these small tasks. And when things change or priorities shift, you’re more adaptable and less stressed.

Plus, don’t forget to treat yourself when you finish any task – big or small. Grab a snack, take a coffee break, or have some fun with your pets (just like me) to give yourself a breather.

And now, onto the next point!


6. Give yourself a break

It’s super important for your mental health to take breaks during work. These breaks give your mind a chance to rest and recharge.

Ever caught yourself just staring at the screen after finishing something? That’s your brain saying, “Hey, I need a break!”

Get yourself a snack or a drink and look out the window to give your eyes a break. You’d be surprised how often great ideas pop up when you’re not expecting them. Sometimes, changing your surroundings can even spark fresh ideas for your work.

When I need a break, I love playing with my dogs or taking my kids outside for some fun. It’s a great way to take a step back and relax. And you know what? It helps me be a much happier mom!


7. Stop multitasking

You know how people often say that women are great at doing multiple things at once, while men tend to stick to one thing? But guess what? Multitasking can make you lose focus on what you were initially planning to do.

Think about this – you see a parent managing kids and groceries, and not spilling their coffee all at once at the supermarket’s car park. Do they look calm or stressed out trying to do it all?

The same idea applies when you’re working. Giving your full attention to one thing at a time can make your work better and boost productivity. You’ll become more organized and stick to your work schedule more easily. When you meet your deadlines, clients see you as a professional, which could bring you even higher-paying gigs.

Now, onto my last point – it’s something I hold onto tightly. This approach helped me build solid habits and pulled me out of a tough time.


8. Prioritize self-care 

Lots of folks get mixed up thinking self-care is just being selfish. The truth is, self-care involves simple activities such as

  1. Doing exercises (like yoga, running, or weight training)
  2. Dressing up and looking nice
  3. Eating healthy
  4. Hanging out with your spouse or friends
  5. Doing things you enjoy (watching a movie, shopping, etc.)
  6. Treating yourself (manicures, pedicures, spa days)
  7. Meditating
  8. Enjoying a hobby

By learning to love yourself, you will spread that love to the people around you. This positive vibe will help you feel good about yourself and in turn, boosts your confidence. 

Just remember this: Don’t feel guilty about dedicating quality time to yourself. 

Go on a date with yourself and have me-time. Do the things that you like without the kids. And give your mind a break.

When your mind is in a clear space, you’ll discover improved ways to handle challenges and joys. Your life of balancing motherhood and work will be a more enjoyable adventure.

balancing motherhood and work life while enjoying life
Photo by Taryn Elliott

Balancing motherhood and work can be the toughest job but with a bit of effort, you’ve got this! Who says you can only dress up for work? Why not spruce up when you’re off to the mall or on a date night? You don’t need a fancy outfit – just throw on comfy clothes and a touch of makeup, and you’re set. Here’s my tip: We’re naturally social creatures, and staying cooped up at home can lead to feelings of isolation. It’s time to explore your hobbies and engage in friendly chats with your neighbours while your kids enjoy the playground. These small steps can truly brighten your spirits and rejuvenate your energy.

So, to all moms who are rocking motherhood and work, I hope these 8 tips improve your life! 


Thank you for reading to the bottom of this post! I hope you enjoy it and if you have any topics or feedback, feel free to drop them in the comments below or email your lovely thoughts to me – hello@modernmomlife.sg

I’m here to support businesses in crafting engaging content for moms like us. My passion lies in writing about parenting and self-care, aiming to empower moms with strength and confidence. If you’re seeking an experienced digital writer in these areas, I’m excited to embark on a lasting partnership with you. Please feel free to reach out to me at hello@modernmomlife.sg or use the form below, and I’ll be sure to connect with you soon. 




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