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6 Reasons Home Staging Is Much Needed If You Want to Sell Your House Fast

Your home has been on the market for the past three months, and many people have come to view it. Unfortunately, most were left unimpressed. 


What went wrong? 


Was it because the agent is not a smooth talker, or because the cabinet door is hanging out from a spoiled hinge?


From time to time, you might hear your friends or agent talking about home staging, but you have no clue going about it.

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All you need is to remember one thing – 


Home staging is not just about placing random pieces of furniture around the house. 


It is a combination of accessories, lighting, and decorations.


Depending on the condition of the house, some houses might need a major makeover while others minor touchups. Home staging will also provide buyers with a new perception of the house, and beautiful things always attract the eye first, leaving a deeper impression of the house.

home staging completed


Here are 6 benefits of how home staging can help increase home values.


Focuses on the home’s potential

Designing a home to live in and staging it to impress buyers are two different points of view. 


The objective is no longer personal


Rather, you want the buyer to imagine his future lifestyle in the home. There will be more sincere buyers willing to view your listed home. 


Increase the value of the home

When buyers can picture themselves in the home, it evokes excitement and they might even start suggesting where to place the vase and the sofa, etc. 


In my experience, I found that homeowners who did home staging were able to sell their homes at a higher than the market rate. 


Some were sold at a price that is 6% to 10% higher than their neighbours! 


Keeping the home clean and organized

home staging to look neat and tidy

The feeling of a cluttered and messy home is a huge turned off to buyers.

An organized and clean home will give off positive vibes that not only lighten the mood, but the buyers will also be able to see clearly how spacious the house can be. 

A broader range of target audience

When the home staging is done correctly, the home can appeal to people with different lifestyles, tastes, and preferences. 


The idea of home staging is to allow the potential buyer to visualize himself living in the home. Simple accessories or decorations are usually used by staging specialists to appeal to all.  


First impressions will attract more viewers

To attract potential and sincere buyers to view the home, the real estate agent or the seller himself will need to list it on property portals and social media. 


Homes that have undergone home staging will produce quality photos that increase the number of potential buyers. 


Eliminates Competitors

Although home staging has been gaining popularity over the years, many homeowners are still not as keen to have their homes staged. The reason being, 


#1 the agent’s commission fees will increase because usually, the agent will pay for the home staging process, and 

#2 the seller might need to fork out a small amount of cash to re-decorate the home if he is engaging one on his own.


So, what happens when your home that has undergone staging stands out from your competitors? 


It looks brighter, larger, and more attractive on the picture and the actual site. Needless to say, your unit will be the one that buyers will be keen to look at first. 


home staging final thoughts

Final thoughts

Home staging can be achieved when you engage a professional home stager. 


Real estate agents usually established trusted relationships with these professionals so if you are selling your property with an agent, you can be sure that your home is in good hands without hassle. The cost of home staging most of the time is covered by the real estate agent, but for sellers who prefer to tackle the job on their own, the costs will be coming from your pocket. 


To stand out from your competitors right from the start, it is highly recommended to stage your home before listing it on the market. This will give you a head start on selling your home in a shorter time period. When the buyer sees the potential of the home without its flaws, you know that you will be able to recoup the costs of home staging with additional profits when your home is sold above the market value. 


If you would like to know how I sell my clients’ homes through home staging, drop me an email here and I will do my best to sell your home. 


In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy!  


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