5 Reasons Entrepreneur Moms Succeed And Inspire

Being a mom…

is one of the toughest jobs to own. Yet many moms find success in blogging, freelancing, running online shops, and other various business types. These moms are also known as ‘mompreneurs.’ I am a millennial mom, and I own 2 successful businesses in the pet industry and as a blogger. It is a strenuous task, no kidding, but passion overpowers all challenges.

The skills obtained from motherhood have helped moms excel in many ways as an entrepreneur mom. When your child looks at you with admiring eyes, it is the same kind of delight you get when you close a deal.

In most ways, starting a business and running it is like raising a child. You can’t do it alone. It requires efforts from family and friends to guide your child as he grows. The same with building a business. You are growing your baby under your guidance. You ask other entrepreneur moms for advice, and you improvised what you’ve learned.

Here are 5 success skills that I’ve learned throughout my journey as an entrepreneur mom and through advice given to me by other entrepreneur moms.

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Time Management

Juggling a business and kids, you definitely can’t do without a planner. Both your business and your kids need your attention, there’s no denying that. To be your best in both worlds, you will need to plan out your planner based on your priorities.

Do you have important meetings to attend to on that day? But your son will be having his swim trial for the upcoming NCAA Championship meet in the afternoon? Will it be possible to pick out the most crucial meeting in the morning before heading to the swim meet?

Your planner does not have to be a fanciful one, nor does it have to be doodled on. It can be a simple one bought at the stationary store or a straightforward content that shows your day’s schedules.

Most important is that it is visible and easily understood to you. Set your priorities at the start of the workday, use the Pomodoro Technique to help manage your time. When it is time to spend the evening with your kids and spouse, resist checking your emails and text messages. Spend this quality time to bond with your children, this will give you a feeling of balance between your work and family.

Block Out the Stereotypes

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, working mom, or a work-from-home, no mom can escape from the stereotypes of a mom. Many moms come under the verbal attacks of being categorized as selfish, inattentive, self-centred, etc.

It is unpleasant but takes it with grace and let it go. Not everyone can juggle parenting and business of their own. It takes a lot of determination, perseverance, planning, and commitment, which many of them give up at the planning stage.

Do not let anyone bring you down or tell you that you are selfish. When you make it a point to schedule family time into your planner, ferrying your children to lessons and ballet classes, that makes you a great entrepreneur mom.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is one of the critical traits of entrepreneurs. Empathy is one of the components of EQ. Being an entrepreneur mom, your kids are always the inspiration behind the business. Most of the companies set up by entrepreneur moms happened after they had kids. I started blogging on the topics of parenting, all thanks to my boys. I wanted to share the joy of having them and to empower other parents with parenting tips and knowledge.

Empathy comes to us quickly, especially when we become a mom. We learn to care for the other children even though they are not our own. We learn to empathize with other moms when they’ve exhausted themselves. We also learn to lend a helping hand willingly.

When you are an entrepreneur mom, all these feelings come to you naturally in your business. Clients will return when they feel that you care and listen to their needs. If copywriting is your business, being an empathetic mom, it is an easy feat for you to connect with your readers, no hard selling required.

Multitasking Becomes Natural

Multitasking is never smooth. One kid has football training, the other kid has math lessons. The baby has an appointment with the doctor. On top of that, your secretary called to deliver bad news on the shipment of your new product. Like things can’t get any worst, your spouse called to say he will not be able to make it home early to prepare dinner.

The day just can’t get worst. Moms, however, understand the chaos and are used to it. Entrepreneur moms’ lives revolve around turmoil, especially when there is more than one child. You have learned the breathing technique, set your priorities, and planned the most time-efficient routes to bring everyone to where they need to be before heading out. Thank goodness for Bluetooth speakers in the car, you manage to settle the situation with your supplier’s help. Dinner is the least priority as you already have a backup plan to have a pizza night. Problems solved.

That’s what makes entrepreneur moms successful. It is not a skill you can master overnight. But with great effort, many hiccups, tons of trials and errors, we become who we are because we simply love our kids. And it has helped us to apply it to our business.

Budgeting Becomes Uncomplicated

Raising a kid can be said to be not economical, in business terms. It is tough to resist their puppy eyes when they see their favorite toy at Toys ‘R’ Us. Not forgetting the year-end vacations and those expensive Christmas gifts. This means cutting down your favorite macaron treats to a monthly pleasure.

Many entrepreneur moms started their business with low capital costs. Some as low as $100. Planning for the household budget has taught entrepreneur moms to plan out their business finances and know where to put their money where it makes the most cents.

For example, an office with a big window sounds professional, but if you are only in the office in the mornings, is it necessary? Should you put the money onto advertising instead? Advertising is more essential if you run an e-commerce business than have an office that hardly anyone will visit.

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Watching your business grow is as satisfying and fulfilling as watching your kids grow up. You sow the seed with your bare hands, and with the same amount of love, effort, and kindness, you will be able to proudly harvest your years of hard work.

It takes a lot to be successful as an entrepreneur mom, lots of sacrifices, mom guilt, and selective listening, but remember that you are your children’s role model. Your children will learn the values and lessons that you taught them without realizing it.

If you have just started as an entrepreneur mom, welcome to the club! I hope that these tips will help you on this fulfilling journey. Help share this article around your other mom friends too and don’t forget to leave your comments below!


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  1. I definitely can’t get anything accomplished without my planner! This was an awesome post!

  2. This was a great post the statement when you mentioned passion overpowers all challenges it really moved me. These are really eye opening Thank you sharing .

  3. As I am struggling to balance between blogging and managing my family, your article has inspired me a lot!!!

    1. Hi Sankhamala! I am glad you like it! I’ll think of more tips and techniques for entrepreneurs moms in my future posts 🙂 Hang in there, you’ll reap your hard work soon 👍💪

  4. I just love this post. You are so right about everything. And I just invested in a gorgeous planner myself.

    1. Hi Brooke!

      I’m so glad you like it 🙂

      Me too!! To make myself feel better in this horrible pandemic crisis.. You take care and stay safe!

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