self-care ideas to relax for busy moms

30 Simple Self-Care Ideas for the Busy Moms To Stay Healthy

When you become a mom, it seemed like the responsibility of feeding the entire village falls on you. Juggling a million and one tasks all at the same time becomes a norm in the mom world. There are just so many things to do, and so little to no time left for yourself. 


Busy moms are busier than bees. 


The downside of being a busy mom is that self-care becomes forgotten. 


Your body became the forgotten city (probably with cobwebs growing in multiple places), and your health starts to spiral downwards. 


Why is this so?


Because we love our kids and spouse so much that we automatically place ourselves at the last place on the very important list. After a whole day of making sure everyone else is well-taken care of, we have little energy left ourselves. 


It’s not too late to stop neglecting yourself! 


As a working mom myself, I constantly remind myself to take care of my mental and physical wellbeing. Sometimes when my schedule gets packed, I set reminders to not give myself any reason to forget. 


It’s difficult I know!

While you’re rolling your eyes, mumbling to yourself “easier said than done!”, know that I have done that, said that, and believed that. But it did not do any good to me. 


Instead, do you know that self-care ideas can sometimes be so easy to think of, yet easily brushed off by yourself?

Here are some self-care ideas that are so ridiculously simple that you’ll go “Why didn’t I think of that?!” at the end of these 30 tips. 

30 self-care ideas for busy moms


Self-care Ideas for the morning

1: Start a morning skincare routine

2: Have a hot cup of coffee or tea

3: Have a cup of milk ( if you are not lactose intolerant) or a cup of juice 

4: Have a hearty breakfast

5: Ensure you have a balanced diet

Self-care ideas for your physical self

6: Tend your garden

7: Meditate 

8: Take a walk in the park (with your dog)

9: Go for a run around the neighborhood 

10: Do yoga or hit the gym

11: Declutter the old clothes you have been wanting to clear

Self-care ideas to boost your brain

12: Write your thoughts in a journal

13: Read a book

14: Listen to your favorite music 

15: Paint or color in your color book (there are coloring apps too!) 

16: Do a crossword puzzle or sudoku 

Self-care ideas to pamper yourself

17: Relax in a tub of a warm bubbly bath

18: Schedule a relaxing spa day 

19: Go for your manicure and pedicure

20: Get your hair treated and explore a new hair color

21: Pick A Fresh Bouquet

22: Have lunch at your favorite restaurant

23: Go out and have fun with the girls

Self-care ideas for me-time

24: Take a break at a café, with cake and coffee

25: Fill your pantry with your favorite snacks and coffee beans 

26: Have a cozy corner in your home, filled with cushions to let you rest and relax

27: Do some window shopping 

28: Ask for help to look after the kids 

29: Have a day off from your to-do list

30: Unplugged from social media


Unfortunately, many moms have rejected taking care of themselves out of guilt or are being called ‘selfish’ or ‘immature for doing so. If you ever come across something like this, know that whoever said that is simply being jealous of you. 


Benefits of Self Care Routines

One important reason why anyone needs to take care of oneself is to be healthy! 


If you are not in good health, how will you be able to do the things you want, spend quality time with the people you love? 


Moms often get burnt out from the long hours of taking care of the kids and not having enough rest for themselves. As time passes, you will start losing confidence in yourself, in your appearance, and eventually feel depressed and worthless. 


Self-care ideas can be so easy that you don’t need to make an effort to do them. One example is boosting your physical and emotional health. When you take a stroll at your nearby park or bring your dog out for a jog, you are taking care of your health. Exercising helps to destress your mind by getting the blood pumping and endorphins flowing. 


Taking care of your appearance will also indirectly teach your kids that they too, should make an effort to take care of themselves.

It does not have to involve applying heavy makeup or wearing diamond gems around your neck, daily cleanliness such as clean jeans, taking baths lets you feel and look good too!

When you feel good, you will be able to think positively, and it will boost your confidence. This will have a positive effect on your kids too, as you are their role model. 


Having breakfast is another positive self-care routine.


It is an important meal of the day – it boosts your energy levels and alertness by replenishing your glucose, and also aid in providing the vital nutrients needed for good health.


Do you know that if you are looking to lose weight, a healthy breakfast will help you burn calories throughout the day? If you have been feeling sluggish because you tend to skip breakfast, here’s a tip for you to improve your brainpower. Eat your breakfast! 


When I mentioned ‘balanced diet’, I do not mean measuring your proteins, vegetables, and meat down to grams. Eat everything in moderation. With that said, reducing soda, junk food, and processed food will help you in your weight control and improve your health too. With a balanced diet, you are helping your body to fight diseases, infections, achieve higher performance, and fight that fatigue monster. 


For me, my morning routine is particularly important to start the day on a happy note. I will be in a gloomy mood if I wake up on the wrong side of my bed, and it makes me hard to make the right decisions.


Is this the same with you? Leave your comment below! 


As you can see, self-care routines do not have to be complex or superior. Some self-care ideas can be so simple, even your kid is doing it every day without anyone realizing it. Living a healthy lifestyle need not be a strictly healthy diet or going to the gym 5 days a week, simple relaxation methods are part of the self-care ideas for the busy mom. If you feel like having a donut with chocolate milkshake for breakfast, why not? 


Remember that being a mom is not a burden or job, it is part of your life duty to have fun with your partner and your little ones. When you are taking care of yourself, you are also taking care of your family. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make sure you ace your motherhood test, use these self-care ideas to be part of your daily routine, and I bet you will feel a much different you soon! 


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20 Responses

    1. Yup, starting the morning positively keeps your mind less stressed out even when things don’t go your way during the day. I’m glad these ideas can be of help to you! 🙂

  1. Great post! Looking after yourself doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, it can be as simple as picking some flowers, going for a walk, or having a bath. Loved this.

  2. I have a 5-year-old daughter & I completely agree it can be easy to forget to look after myself.
    These are all great ideas & I love having a weekly pamper night & I have a morning & evening skincare routine that I follow. I also love playing video games

    1. The weekly night pampering sounds so relaxing! I should have them myself too 🙂 Oh yes, video games do help to forget about the stress too, thanks for adding on! ❤

  3. These are all such amazing ideas! I think I need to start buying fresh bouquets for the kitchen, would definitely bring cheer. Thanks so much for sharing all these. I wrote some down!

    1. Great minds think alike! I can’t function properly if I don’t have food and coffee in my tummy in the morning. I’m glad you like the ideas! 🙂

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