26 Effortless Self-Improvement Tips for Personal Growth

Guest Post Wonderfully Written By Omofoma Musa

Self-improvement is an important factor when it comes to improving one’s life and it’s a life long process. It tells you that you can develop yourself, converting your goals into reality. As there are many challenges in life, you either defeat these challenges or overcome you depending on how you respond to them. 

These self-improvement tips can help you root into some aspects of life helping you grow, learn, and get stronger. The more of these tips are meet, the more aware you are.

Here are 26 ways to improve, discover your potentials, and motivate yourself and live to your fullest potentials.

Tips for personal growth & Self-improvement


1. Be around Positive people: Be with people that encourage you to level up. These are people that can assist you to grow.

2. Stop trying to be perfect: Don’t expect things to fall in place every time.

3. Move out of your comfort zone: Step out and get exposed, in this way you discover your hidden self and potentials.

4. Read 3 to 5 pages of a book daily: Reading keeps your mind sharp and at the same time stimulates your brain, it doesn’t really matter what you’re reading as long as it will boost your brainpower.

5. Be confident: Confidence is simply the ladder of self-improvement.

6. Learn new things: Be open to knowledge – always freshen it.

7. Take risks: “Take the risk or lose the chance” is a popular saying. You can’t swim for new horizons until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

8. Make plans for every day: Make plans that make you energetic throughout the day (morning routine could be part).

9. Apologize when a need is: We all make mistakes and offenses. Learn to accept mistakes and apologize.

10. Finish what you start: The start might be bad, but don’t be discouraged because the end might be perfect. This can boost your confidence and let you try more new things.

11. Divert from Negative thinking: Keeping yourself might help.

12. Eat good food: Eat anything that’s healthy for you and keep you energetic.

13. Listen to Audiobooks: Listen to audiobooks when you can’t have access to a physical book (for example, when cooking or when going for a walk). Meanwhile, I wouldn’t suggest you replace audiobooks with physical reading. While both stimulate the brain, listening to audiobooks alone can make you lazy.

14. Don’t waste your time: Very important. Don’t waste your time thinking about things ideas or strategies – just make things happen – just do it.

15. Be simple: Erase every unnecessary thing in your life.

16. Be approachable: Don’t let your face scare people. Wear a smile always and have time for others.

17. Let go of the past: Focus on the present and live in it.


18. Do exercise: Stretch your body anytime you feel you can especially in the morning and making it your morning routine will help your body greatly. Treat your body well.

19. Value your relationship: Take time but to get in touch with friends and loved ones.

20. Go out with friends: Don’t be so busy that you’re all you’ve got. Make time and go out with a friend or friends and enjoy the moment. It could be a casual outing or holiday.

21. Sleep well: Don’t be too busy to have a sound sleep, this relaxes your mind and calms your nerves.

22. Dance: 🙂I can’t overemphasize the benefit of dancing in self-development as it improves your flexibility, helps you socialize more, and be happier.

23. Be grateful: Appreciate the little things around you and everyone that makes you feel loved.

24. Travel if you can

25. Socialize outside your phone: Your smartphone isn’t everything, make a habit of establishing a real-life communication where ever you find yourself.

26. Make time to do things you love

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Feel free to leave a comment below to share with me more self-improvement tips you practice to become a better person. Cheers!

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Omofoma Musa is a passion driven blogger (lifestyle, business and digital marketing), his blog The Wild Thought provides you all necessary information on business startup. As a business coach, I help businesses leverage online platforms for optimum growths. Also, I love to give out some practical effects that have worked for me to others to try concerning growth, motivations and development.


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  1. I think this a pretty good and doable list. I think the only thing I would add is to just take it one step at a time and progress over perfection.

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