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[Guest Post] Fewer Restrictions, More Travelling! 22 Tips to Travel With Kids In Ease and Peace

Travelling with kids can be intimidating, even if you have done it multiple times before. Kids don’t always have the patience to go through airport security, plus they get scared easily and don’t like sitting quietly for long hours. 

These are some tips and tricks for travelling with kids:

Just Do It

Don’t overthink about the trip, and do it. You will get to your destination and enjoy yourself. Start travelling with your kids from a young age. Try travelling as much as you can with them because the memories will likely stick with them for years to come. 

Pack Light

You can almost always find everything at your destination, so there is no need to overpack your luggage. Pack light and buy whatever you can at your destination without the hassle of paying extra baggage fees. Check with your accommodation if they have laundry services so that you can easily wash your clothes. 

travelling with kids packing

Book Wisely

If you decide on getting a hotel, take your time before the booking. You need to find out if the hotel is kid-friendly and whether you’ll use stairs to your room, which might not be logical because you’ll be carrying your baby and stroller. 

Ocean Or Pool

Consider what your kids love because there are kids who prefer the ocean over the pool and vice versa. 

Carry Baby Food

Check with the airports you will be going through if they can allow you to carry baby food. 

Research Your Destination

Know everything there is to know about your destination before leaving for your trip. Find out whether you will need visas, any jabs, or medications. 

Where To Sit

Knowing where to sit will give peace of mind, especially if you have kids. Consider getting seats in the middle of the plane as they have more legroom where kids can have more space to play. Get seats away from the aisle because as the beverage and food carts pass by, your kid might reach out and get their hand burned. 

Air Ticket Cost

Consider whether it is wise to use low-cost carriers since you’ll be travelling with kids. Sometimes paying more for an air ticket can give you peace of mind, especially if travelling with kids.

Take It Slow

Travelling alone can have you rushing through the airport, with kids, you have to take everything slowly because you are no longer alone. 

Vacation Rentals or Hotel

Consider whether you will be okay cooking on your vacation or you’ll want to relax before making your booking of where you’ll be staying. 

Plan Your Flights

When planning your flights, try looking for night flights so that the kids can fall asleep as soon as you board or book very early morning flights as they tend to be less crowded. Avoid connecting flights with a long layover because kids do get tired and frustrated easily while travelling.  

Airport Check-in

Consider checking in online to reduce the time spent checking in person at the airport. 


Start planning your trip early enough to get the best travel deals on flights and accommodations. Plan the activities you want to indulge in your destination while allowing flexibility. 

travelling with kids plans

Enjoy The Trip

Have the best trip with your kids, and don’t stress yourself because everything will turn out okay. Live in the moment, try new things, make long-lasting memories with your kids, embrace new experiences, and leave your comfort zone. 

Stay Calm

Try staying calm even if your kid is screaming at the top of their voice. Stay calm and enjoy your trip, and always be prepared for anything.  


Try talking to your kids about what to expect when they travel. Talk to your kids about the destination you’ll be heading to and even show them pictures of the place you are visiting to get them excited for the trip.

Dress Kids in Comfortable Clothing

Consider dressing your kids in clothes without zippers and leaving shoes with laces behind, making going through airport screening faster. 

Kid-Friendly Airlines

Go for airlines that offer kid perks like kid-approved headsets, kid’s shows, and snacks. 

Sign Up for Deals

Places like Walt Disney World, The Rockettes, Universal Orlando, and Disneyland Resorts always have deals throughout the year that you’ll get to know about first if you are on the mailing list. The offers can include free extra nights, complimentary hotel upgrades, and discounted tickets. 

Road Trips

Ease your kids to travel by taking them on road trips. Make it a point to visit most of the crucial landmarks on your route, plus any places suitable for kids. 

Stick To a Routine

If you are travelling with young kids, try keeping the same routine you have at home, like bedtime, as it will keep the kids more relaxed because they will know what to expect. 

Nature Destinations

Travelling with kids can be expensive, but you can visit nature destinations to lower costs for the trip. Nature destinations are relaxed, and they don’t have large crowds that would leave your kids flustered and frustrated. 

Kid-Friendly Destinations

Taking your kids with you on trips helps deepen your family ties and bonds. Some kid-friendly destinations in the US include

traveling with kids disneyland

Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

Kids can meet their favorite cartoon characters, take photographs with the cartoon characters, watch them perform and dance, and have autographs signed at Magic Kingdom. 

San Diego Zoo, California

Home to hundreds of animals, kids will have a good time seeing different animals. 

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Take your kids to explore the Revolutionary City, where they will experience what it was like to live in the colonial era. Kids can have a good time playing colonial games and even pretending to join the army to feel what it’s like to live like a soldier. 

Hershey Park, Pennsylvania

Hershey Park has kid-friendly rides like the Ferris Wheel, the Cocoa Cruiser, the Mini Scrambler, the Flying Falcon, and the dinosaur-go-round. 

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells has a wide array of activities for the kids to enjoy, like the Wild Fun Zone, Kalahari Indoor Theme, Mt Olympus Water Pak, and the Dare Go-Karts.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Kids will have an adventure-filled day at the Grand Canyon, exploring the erosional landforms. Kids can also join the park’s Junior Ranger Program, where they can discover the park’s rocks, animals, plants and learn the history. 

Niagara Falls, New York

Kids can experience the grandeur and beauty of Niagara Falls by taking beautiful pictures from the viewing deck, taking a tour of the water park, and going on a boat right to the falls.

Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

The aquarium will give the kids a chance to see the underwater world, a variety of sea creatures, shake hands with starfish, and get a close-up of animals like beluga whales, dolphins, and sea lions. 

The Freedom Trail, Massachusetts

The kids can learn about America’s rich history by going through the 16 historical sites learning how the historical sites contributed to what America is today and listening to stories of their forefathers who put their lives on the line to fight for their country. 

Cedar Point Amusement Park, Ohio

Cedar Point caters to people of all ages. Kids can enjoy the Frog Hopper, Dune Buggies, and going on helicopter rides.

travelling with kids guest writerI am Sophia Dean, mother of four, three boys, and then came my beautiful princess. I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to Canada at 15, one month shy of my 16th birthday. In 2019 right before the world turned upside down, I became a Cruise and Vacation Consultant for Expedia Cruises. I have a wild passion for travel, and for the past few years, I have traveled to quite a few countries. I believe that there is no one way to live your life. There are infinite ways to lead a fulfilling life, and I’m all about adventure. I am addicted to the beach and love this travel business. 

I was encouraged by a great friend of mine to become a blogger in January 2022. I didn’t even think twice. I was already blogging whenever I traveled. I always posted on my Facebook page with details of my trips. I turned my passion into a blog. Since I started this blog to share my travel experience with you all, the journey has been a learning experience, and loving every minute of it. At Road to Waterfalls, you will find articles and travel experiences from adventures to road trips we can share our dreams and discover new things. The fundamental objective of my blog is to motivate and inspire everyone to travel. P.S Oh, two weeks ago, I started a new business with Arbonne Canada.

Warmest regards,
Sophia Dean Cruise and Vacation Consultant /Travel Blogger/ Independent Consultant @Arbonne Canada


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