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20 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for 2021 The Whole Family Will Love

Christmas is coming! However, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, families are still unable to gather in large groups for the annual Christmas party that everyone loves.

Fret not, as here are 20 virtual Christmas party ideas to make Christmas this year as special as every other year.

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1. Virtual escape rooms

Virtual escape rooms can be a fun and interactive adventure for you and your family to take on this Christmas. Group together to solve mysteries and test the teamwork and collaboration between family members!

The Fun Empire has virtual escape room activities starting from $20 per pax.


2. Virtual Secret Santa

Straying from a traditional secret Santa, a virtual secret Santa is just as fun as a face-to-face one. Pick a name, buy the gifts, mail it, and open the presents on a video call.

The only difference is that virtual secret Santas require a tad bit more effort, as everyone would have to buy and mail their presents a few weeks before Christmas to ensure that it arrives on time.

However, the smiles and surprised looks from your family members will make it worth the effort!


3. Virtual Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a trivia guessing game with many different categories, a perfect party game for everyone in the family. To play virtual Heads Up!, everyone would have to download the “Heads Up!” application on their phone.


4. Watch a Christmas movie online together

Grab some popcorn and watch a Christmas movie online together! Get your family members to log into Zoom, choose a movie to watch together, and simply select the “share screen” button. And voila! What you will end up with is an online “cinema” in the comfort of your own home.


5. Virtual Christmas decoration contest

Get a mini Christmas tree from Daiso, gather your decorations, and have an online Christmas tree decorating contest with the family! This will be a fun activity to do together as a family, especially for the little ones.


6. Guess the song (Christmas edition)

To play this game, everyone has to take turns to hum a Christmas tune and members of the family have to guess what Christmas song is being hummed.

Some Christmas songs would include hits by Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé.


7. Online Christmas family trivia

Everyone has to anonymously send an unknown fact about them via Google Forms and during the Zoom party, read out the facts sent in the Google Forms and guess which fact belongs to who.

This is a great virtual bonding activity for Christmas!


8. Virtual cookie decorating contest

Hold a Cookie Decorating Contest between the family, the contest can include – best-decorated cookie, worst decorated cookie, and most creatively decorated cookie.


9. Virtual Christmas karaoke 

Create a room on Sync Video that allows everyone to watch a video at the same timing and send the room link to all your family members. Once everyone has joined, queue Christmas hits on Youtube and everyone can sing their favorite holiday jingles together!

virtual christmas party 2021

10. Virtual origami 

Gather everyone together on Zoom to have a Christmas origami-making activity. Family members can choose their preferred Christmas origami tutorials on Youtube and attempt to fold them to a T.


11. Online bingo

Send Bingo cards to all your family members before Christmas, and on Christmas Day, host a fun game of Bingo!

Alternatively, you can also host a Bingo game online.


12. Virtual Christmas costume party

Get your family members to pick a Christmas outfit and dress up on the day of the virtual Christmas party.

Some outfit ideas include dressing up as Santa, Santarina, or even elves!


13. Virtual Christmas card decorating

Handmade cards are always better than store-bought ones.

Get together with your family members and get them to decorate their set of Christmas Cards with whatever embellishments they want. It’s all about creativity!


14. Virtual candle-making session

Candles are a big part of the holiday season.

Get your family members to gather supplies before the virtual Christmas Party and during the party, everyone can make their very own scented candles.


15. Virtual Christmas tea party

Instead of the traditional dinner party, invite your family members to a virtual Tea Party.

Everyone can brew their favorite cup of tea, bake or buy some pastries and enjoy the holiday season.


16. Virtual talent show

Host a virtual talent show where your family members can show off their hidden talents.

This will be a fun and engaging activity for all ages!


17. Virtual Game of Chubby Elf

In Chubby Elf, a family member must insert a marshmallow into their mouth without chewing or swallowing. Then, they have to list the plot of a classic Christmas story and everyone else has to guess which Christmas story it is.

Be prepared for lots of laughs and giggles during the game!



18. Virtual crossword puzzle

Create a game of Crossword Puzzle with clues related to your family members.

For example, “What month is grandpa born in?”.

This game will help to strengthen the bond within your family this Christmas!


19. Virtual Christmas stocking decoration

Gather your family members and get them to decorate their Christmas stockings together this year!


20. Build gingerbread houses together online 

Get your family members to purchase gingerbread house kits to decorate together during the virtual party!

Some places selling gingerbread house kits are IKEA (at the Swedish Food Market) or Phoon Huat.

virtual christmas 2021

With these virtual Christmas party ideas, your festive can still be fun! 

Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are so many things that families can do together without having to meet face to face.

Plan your virtual Christmas party ideas with these tips, you can be sure it will make Christmas 2021 more fun and memorable!

Wishing you a wonderful Merry X’mas and a blessed new year in 2022! 



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