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11 Funny Parenting Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Motherhood is an experience like no other. Most moms will vouch for that. There are so many stories to share, she has no idea where to start.

Today, instead of your usual story telling session, let’s use humor to celebrate motherhood with these 11 funny parenting quotes that will make you nodding away, and laughing out loud.

Being a mom comes with joy, laughter, anger, tears, and frustrations. The day you became a mom, this is how you will feel – suddenly everyone around you becomes an expert and is piling you with myths and advice.

funny parenting quotes and motherhood
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You will also find yourself needing more wine to keep your sanity. With the high possibility of advancing into vodka martini, shaken not stirred. 

motherhood and funny parenting quotes

Breastfeeding is a love-hate journey for many moms. Every mom will want to provide the best nutrition for your precious little bundle of joy. Not every mom can have breastmilk though, but don’t beat yourself up over it. For me, I breastfed my boys for about 6-8months, partly because I never have a huge supply to start with, another reason was that they started teething and acting like mini piranhas. Well, I still want my nipples, thank you very much! 

funny parenting quotes and motherhood

The day when they were fully on formula milk powder is the day I popped the champagne. Needless to say, some relatives and friends have no problems voicing out their opinions. Like they are the experts in natural milk production.

There is so much talk about how formula milk is not as beneficial to the baby’s health as breastmilk, which I am not touching on here. But always remember that to be a happy mom, you need to feel good about yourself and be in a healthy mental state.

funny parenting quotes and motherhood

By the time your little infant is ready to start on solid food, the nutrition from that broccoli and apple puree can make up for whatever is lacking in formula milk. As long as your baby is growing up strong and well, you have nothing to be worried about.

As your kids progress into the toddler and preschool age, you will soon realize that this is your new norm life.

funny parenting quotes and motherhood

Your kids start turning into mini Sherlock Holmes and explore their surroundings including the home, you find yourself swimming in a sea of questions and demands. Part of you wishes for silence, yet the rational part of you know that silence is not golden when you have kids.

funny parenting quotes and motherhood
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Psst! You know how some moms are always so fit and toned like they work out 7 days a week at the gym? Well, every mom does. Kind of.

funny parenting quotes and motherhood
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Now that you know bringing up a child is not for the weak heart unless you think that strolling in Jurrasic Park is calming. Hence, you wonder to yourself… Didn’t they have a saying that goes something like this “It takes an entire village to raise a child”? The only problem is:

funny parenting quotes and motherhood
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And then you look at moms with 2 kids striding at the side, and another hugging around her waist. How do these moms handle 3 or more little monkeys aka kids?! This is one question that I get so often, I think I am a millionaire right now. Being a mom with 3 monkeys in my circus, I can assure you that things get easier with more kids. Yes, earplugs are no longer as useful, and the laundry triples, but you become a more relaxed mom. It’s that simple! The more kids you have, the more you will master the art of ignorance. This is why they say ‘Ignorance is Bliss’. Namaste.

funny parenting quotes and motherhood

My word of advice, your life as a mom will not be miserable ever again with a pet in your life. As your kids grow older, have their group of friends and activities, this is when your pet (preferably a dog 😉 ) becomes the most important family member in the household. He’s the only one who will not reject your food, he will always be ready to keep you entertain, and even his sleeping position will perk up your smile. Best of all, he will be the only one who will welcome you home even if you just step out of the house to pick up the papers!

funny parenting quotes and motherhood

A few final words, becoming a mom can be one of the toughest jobs ever created. You might not have signed up for it, there is no training on how to be a great mom, but bear in mind that in your kids’ minds, you are the greatest mom ever. The only one who will be there for them, to cheer for them, to pick up after their craps and to patiently wait for them to zip up their jackets 15 minutes later. So pat yourself on the shoulder, and have as much wine as you need because you deserve it. Claps! 

funny parenting quotes and motherhood
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  1. Haha! These are great! I’m not a parent but I am a teacher of young children and it sometimes feels like I’m trying to herd drunk anarchists, haha! I’ll share these quotes with my friends who are mums and dads!

  2. These definitely resonated with me. Being a parent is a crazy ride. Thanks for the laughs today.

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