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10 Virtual Workout Classes You Will Be Sure to Lose Those Calories

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone celebrating this joyous festive!

May the Year of the Tiger bring about roaring success, good health, and peace in your family.

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Just like every other year, no virus can stop us from having our reunion dinners, snacking on yummy bak kwa (barbecued pork), hae bi hiam (dried shrimp rolls), pineapple tarts, love letters, and the list goes on and on. 

But while you are happily feasting away, do you wonder about the calories building up at the waist, your thighs, inner arms…? 

Well, I do.

And one positive thing that this virus taught us is that you can do wonders in the virtual world. Besides having online meetings, we learned that we can have weddings, birthday celebrations, and even virtual workout classes via Zoom! 

There is now no reason for one to say, ‘It is too far to travel to do a yoga session’.

virtual workout HIIT

Virtual workouts vary and you do not need to have expensive gym equipment at home to workout. All you need are a mat, appropriate sportswear, and a water bottle. Weights and yoga blocks are good to have but optional. With the increasing demand, these virtual workout classes are curated to be interactive and leave you sweaty with sore muscles. 

Of course, before any type of workout, there are a few things that you will need to prepare. 

“Now, Suit up!”

Put on your favorite sports bra and running pants, or yoga pants depending on what workout you are hitting for that day. Make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you feel good about it, and you will rock the workout session like a star in your living room.

My to-go-to sportswear is usually Adidas if I am doing an intense workout. Not only are the designs of their sports bra vibrant and edgy, but they also give firm support around the chest too, so my girls are not bouncing too hard when I am doing my HIIT sets. 

Prepare the space

With everyone cramming at home, space may be a constraint. 

The last thing you need is to be hitting someone in the face when you are doing a downward three-legged dog. 

So it is best to have a dedicated space for workouts, so everyone knows to avoid it when you are there. Furthermore, a designated space will help to keep your focus on the intention to exercise.

Set the schedule

Like every other habit, you will need to incorporate working out as part of your routine if you want to have a healthy lifestyle. As a busy woman, time is of the essence so assess which timing works best for you and try to keep to the same timing every day. Or 2 to 3 times a week, if you are just starting.

Be flexible when it comes to timing as all of us are different. Some of us need to dedicate one hour to working out as a routine regardless of the starting time, while others are more fixated and need to keep to the same time every session. 

Find what works for you and stick to it. 

Get Ready

With online classes, screens and speakers are important to facilitate the session. You may think that your phone may suffice, but having a small screen, and poor quality speakers may end up more disruptive as you may have to stop to clarify or squint. 

Instead, use a TV or a large screen with a proper speaker for clear audio and visuals which will be more helpful in the long run. 

With these preparations made at home, it is time for you to enter the world of virtual workout videos.

virtual workout at home

01 UFit

Their classes include Burn, HIIT, and Yoga, there will be something for everyone. UFit not only provides workout classes, they have a team of experienced clinicians to help people achieve their personal goals. 

02 Box Office Fitness

Boxing fans, this is the class for you! Box Office Fitness believes in making exercise entertaining as much as it is grueling. The sessions are focused on boxing moves and HIIT. Check out their IGTV for free classes that you can repeat at home. Using everyday home items, Box Office Fitness sessions are simple and effective. 

03 ActiveSG

Support local with ActiveSG. ActiveSG features various vendors that conduct virtual classes suitable for family members of all ages. ActiveSG fosters the ‘kampung’ spirit by encouraging workout sessions with other members of the community. With COVID measures in place, you can meet your neighbors and community members via Zoom instead of physical gatherings.

04 Singapore Sports Hub

For just 7 minutes! 

Great start for the workaholics to move their muscles, or for beginners who want to get into the groove of the different workout styles. They have workout sessions consisting of cardio dances, boot camps, yoga, 7 days a week, and best of all, you do not have to pay a cent for these sessions. 

05 WeBarre

Barre is a ballet-based dance workout with movements inspired by dance, Pilates, and Yoga to give your muscles the workout and toning they need. This workout is not aimed at bulking but at strengthening the core and improving posture. The founders of WeBarre are passionate about fitness in general and have an aim to bring Barre to the Asian community. You can sign up for their 7-day trial workout or support their collaborations with a cause.



06 Fitness First

You wouldn’t need much introduction to the vast classes Fitness First has to offer. Whether you are looking to increase your strength or flexibility, they have just the class for everyone. And now they are bringing these classes into your home with no equipment needed.

07 Evolve MMA

Ranked as one of the top martial arts organizations in Asia, Evolve MMA has a range of classes from boxing to Muay Thai for people of all ages. Even kids have classes made for them in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Although you can book physical classes, they also have class schedules for those who still prefer to exercise at home. And you can be sure that your instructor is one of the World Champions. 

08 BoOm

Offering boxing and functional training, BoOm offers high-energy classes that kick-start your mornings. Their signature 45-min workout gets your heart pumping for cardio sessions while sculpting your arms and legs with boxing-based workouts. Their home virtual sessions start from $10 for a single class in a group setting, or $45 for five classes. 

09 Lab Studios

Choose from Barre, Yoga, or Pilates, Lab Studios provides a virtual subscription with 4 new classes every week. Bringing together 4 core training exercises, Lab Studios believes in providing a space for people to experiment under expert guidance. If you are wanting more information, Lab Studios provides a smashing blog with tips and articles that explore health and wellness. 

10 1Fiesta

What is not to love about dancing and exercising. Enjoyed by all ages, Zumba is no stranger to our heart landers. 1Fiesta has studios all across our tiny nation. However, at $68 a month, you sign up for virtual Zumba workouts or simply join by per class at $7. Remember to burn your muscles as bright as the neon orange headband during your class. 



With these 10 virtual workouts classes, you are on your way to looking fabulous again. And the best part of working out at home, is you are not alone. Do the sessions with your spouse, or dance with your kids, all for the sake of having fun. Otherwise, call upon friends to attend group classes. Working out is another reason for you to shop for sportswear online too! Don’t say I didn’t remind you *wink*


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