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10 Effective Ways To Help You Sleep Through The Night

A good night’s rest is vital to start your day right. Having sufficient energy to throttle through the day and a rested mind increases clarity and focus.

Sleep is not just clocking the number of hours and calling it rest – the quality of sleep is also important. To sleep through the night without disturbance is equally as important as quality time spent on exercise and diet.

However, if sleep is elusive to you, and counting up to 100 hundred sheep still does not lull you off, here are 10 tips we think are useful to getting you that beauty sleep you desire every night.

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Tip 1: Routine

You go to bed at 10 pm on Sunday, and you wake up at 7 am on Monday. Repeat this every day. It’s that simple!

However, a routine as simple as this can be so hard to do! How do you go to bed at 10 pm when the night is still so young?! 

The thing is if you want glowing skin and to be able to sleep through the night, this is the first and basic step to get to snooze-land easier. 

A routine helps set your body clock and optimizes your quality of sleep. You can start by timing when you usually start to feel tired and make it a habit to be in bed by that time every day. Your body has a natural clock, also known as the circadian rhythm which aligns itself to sunrise and sunset. 

When you start having consistent hours of sleep, that body clock of yours will automatically wake up at the same time every day, including weekends. Perhaps after a few weeks, you may be surprised you wouldn’t be needing the alarm clock anymore!

It is also good to note that sleeping in on weekends can be disruptive to your sleep cycle, and regular hours should be kept even when the temptation is so real!

Tip 2: Exercise

Oh yes, workouts are tiring! But the timing when you exercise can also affect how much you can sleep through the night. Studies have shown that these morning sessions are the best as it helps your circadian rhythm by exposing yourself to bright daylight the first thing in the morning. 

Exercising close to bedtime can be stimulating and compromise the quality of sleep. 

Tip 3: Regulate light exposure

During the day, let in as much light as possible! 

One of the best advice is to open up the curtains when you wake up and soak in that ray of Vitamin D. When you are taking a break from work, head out of your house or to the balcony to get some fresh air. Sunlight has great power to recharge your brain power, giving you the energy to continue your work! 

Before going to bed, while it may seem tempting to stalk what @chrishemsworth is up to on Instagram, it is best to avoid that bright screen 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. Blue light emissions from our mobile devices and screens are disruptive, hindering our ability to sleep through the night.

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone controlled by light exposure that helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle. When it is dark, our brains secrete melatonin which makes us sleepy.

So when it is time to sleep, darken the room, and put away all distractions. Your body should naturally lull itself to sleep. 

Tip 4: Diet

By this time, you can observe that the trend to a quality lifestyle is centered strongly around good habits and discipline. 

Likewise, your diet and eating habits are also contributive to the wellness of life. A healthy diet that includes more vegetables, fresh produce, and limited portions of red meat, may help you fall asleep faster and longer.

Sugary foods, refined carbs, and processed foods can keep you up at night, disrupting your ability to sleep through the night.

When occasions call for a celebration, enjoy with a blast! It is also easy to get carried away when we are having a great time. Try to limit heavy food portions during dinnertime. Alternatively, you may start the meal earlier and enjoy your company for an even longer time!

Tip 5: Avoid alcohol & caffeine

What? Alcohol?! Doesn’t that make you drunk and sleepy? I gave this a little more research before its inclusion in this article. 

Alcohol is a depressant that slows your bodily functions. Yes, in this aspect, it does make you feel tired, thinking that you can fall asleep faster. However, studies have shown that consuming alcohol before bedtime affects the sleep cycle, disrupting the part of deep sleep before you head off into lalaland. This compromises the quality of sleep as a result. 

As for caffeine, this fuel power-up shot is best taken in the morning before embarking on daily tasks. When consumed at night, it can be overstimulating for the body, causing you to have difficulties sleeping through the night. 

Tip 6: Reduce irregular and long daytime naps

Power naps can make a difference in your day. It helps you stay rested and reset a little before tackling the rest of the lemons life throws at you. However, long and/or irregular naps can affect your needed beauty sleep. 

Everyone’s circadian rhythm can vary, so it’s important to adjust to what you’re comfortable with. If naps are part of your routine and improve your productivity, maintain this routine as it works for you. 

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Tip 7: Optimize your bedroom’s environment

While we may not have the luxury of multiple rooms allocated for specific functions, our bedroom can still be smartly designed to optimize the environment for you to have a peaceful sleep through the night. 

Installing good-quality blinds to reduce light and noise can help in creating a quieter environment.

Adjusting the temperature can also create a cool and calm environment which makes rest comfortable. 

Optimizing your bedroom also includes a comfortable mattress, bed, pillows, blankets, and other manchester that keep you snug and comforted at night. If you find yourself suffering from bodily aches due to poor posture support, it is time to change your bedding accessories for better sleep. 

Tip 8: Destress

Deep breathing exercises have proven to relax the body and mind. Declutter your thoughts before you sleep so that the risk of being jolted awake is reduced. Stress is a stimulus and is most likely to work against quality sleep. If needed, set aside time to wind down before climbing into bed. 

One thing I avoid at all costs is to go to bed angry with my spouse or kids. If the matter can wait until the next day, just let it pass. If you need to have it resolved to feel at ease, communicate your thoughts and avoid conflicts.  

Tip 9: Get checked

If you have insomnia, it is best to seek medical advice and treatment. Scans and checks can be done to ascertain problems and determine appropriate treatments. 

Tip 10: Supplements

Supplements should be taken at the advice of your doctor and not self-diagnosed through Dr. Google.

This section of the article briefly explores commonly used supplements for sleeping aids. Before consumption, do not that MM Life is not medically certified to provide any medical recommendation or advice, all suggestions are based solely on the research we have done for this write-up. So be sure to consult a professional for appropriate medical advice.

Melatonin supplements are often used to treat insomnia and are often found in studies to improve sleep quality and time taken to fall asleep.

You may consider the following herbs and supplements to facilitate relaxation, stress reduction, which points to a night of better quality sleep:

  1. Ginkgo Biloba
  2. Glycine
  3. Valerian Root
  4. Magnesium
  5. L-theanine
  6. Lavender

Supplements combined with the correct sleep strategies can help you sleep through the night better.

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Psst! Don’t go yet!

Here’s another suggestion for you – if supplements are not your kind of thing, you can consider essential oils! These lovely creations have been gaining popularity over the years thanks to their natural ingredients from plants and sweet scents. They can be inhaled through a diffuser or humidifier, or applied to the skin. The lavender or sandalwood scented candle essential oils are the ones I go to when I have trouble falling asleep.

All in all, a good night’s rest is best achieved with regular sets of routines and a mindset focused on wellness.  With that, we will make decisions that will cater to a healthier diet and lifestyle including optimal sleep.  Rest well, friends!


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  1. Having some kind of routine is definitely a must for me! I’ve noticed that essential oils have been helping me lots recently too 🙂

    1. It’s good you manage to identify what’s causing your night sleep routine 👍 Hope you will be able to sleep through the night moving forward! 🙂

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