10 Creative Gift Ideas For Your Man on Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s Day is finally round the corner! Are you looking for some creative gift ideas for your guy? 

I hope my post today will give you more enlightenment!  

Gifting for the guy in your dream has never been easy, especially when you are life partners. They say men can be simple creatures, but what about their tastes? I, too, wreck my brains just thinking of gift ideas each year (read: ties and cufflinks). Before going off shopping ( I know that’s your excuse to shop for more dresses and accessories, it’s mine too!), think of what your man would love to unwrap when he gets your gift.

So today, I’ll be sharing with you some creative gift ideas to consider!

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For the sentimental one: An Adventure Scrap Book. 

adventure scrapbook for creative gift ideas

For this gift idea, you’ll need to spare some time coming up with its contents. If you are scrambling for last-minute gifts, then this is probably not the one to go for! 

This Adventure ScrapBook makes one of the best gifts in my opinion. Whether it is your anniversary, his birthday, or you simply feel like giving him a surprise. Sentimental gifts are not only thoughtful, you can be sure your partner will feel touched and appreciated. Fill the Adventure Scrap Book with both of you reminiscing on past adventures that you’ve been on together. Especially more so since we can’t leave the country this year, it’d be a great time to sit down together and look back on old memories! 

For the gym junkie: A personalized duffel bag with his initials. 

Duffel bags are great for throwing everything together without the need to arrange and pack! No need to worry about the lack of space! 

It’s big enough to fit all the needs for his gym session into one bag: Protein Shaker Bottle, Workout Clothes, Spare shoes, etc. 

For the alcohol lover: Pint with a picture.

This is a beautiful beer glass that is engraved with a picture of your choice! It is a practical gift choice especially if you know your man loves his alcohol. 

There was a saying “Beer makes men smile without much help but pouring it into a mug with a special moment with the two of you on it…” you might need to grab him a pack of tissues too! 

For the one with his bar at home: A personalized decanter.

This is a gift great for showing off or when you have guests over. Whether your guy chooses to whip up a drink or show off the top-shelf goods, every time he pours a glass, he’ll be reminded of your gift! 

For the one who loves going on dates: Date night ideas in a jar.

This is a great contingency for future planning! This jar of date night ideas has already been pre-planned by you ahead of time to save you from ill-planned dates! 

Put in some crazy, fun, simple, or date night ideas which you don’t think you’ll ever embark on! This spontaneity could lead to some memorable date night adventures down the road! 

I found a DIY project (click on it!) posted by Big DIY Ideas that you can create for you and your partner, and it is really easy! All you need is:

  1. A mason jar
  2. Popsicle sticks
  3. Chalkboard stickers
  4. Paint pens

For the romantic Romeo: Love coupons

love coupon for creative gift ideas
An example of a love coupon card

Did they say men love freebies? Love coupons that allow your guy to claim them anytime give them a loving excuse to be the boss of you for a day or to spend more time bonding with you! It’s a guarantee that they will love it and use them to their fullest! 

If you want to spice things up, DIY your own love coupons! Include anything from breakfast in bed, you decide the rules of game – for example the expiry date, whether your partner can redeem it for something else, etc. The goal is to turn it into something exciting and unexpected, and to have fun together.

You can include things like film night, a dinner date, free massage, no chores for the day, etc.! Get creative all you want! 

For the fashionista: A bracelet with a hidden message.

Some messages are not often said but implied so put them in this hidden message bracelet so that your guy can constantly carry it with him! Alternatively, engrave a special date, word, or phrase that makes it the perfect sentimental gift for him this Valentine’s!

For the chef: A personalized cutting board. 

creative gift ideas for valentine day

Not only women love being in the kitchen! In your family, maybe your partner is the one who loves to cook instead of you! 

Why not get him a quality and practical cutting board to help him up to his culinary game at home? It’s a win-win since you get rewarded with the delicious end product too! It is also a gift that can be kept and appreciated by your guy for years into the future.

For the quiet one: A conversation-starting game for couples.

There are times when we are too lost for words. That awkward silence at times on date nights or even when just chilling at home. There will be times when you both have settled into life together so comfortably that you forgot who you fell in love with. 

With this conversation starter pack for couples, use this to learn more about each other, rekindle and reminisce whether it is your first date together or other special occasions!

These are my take on some of the creative gift ideas for Him. Do you have more ideas to add to the list? Comment below and share with me what you got for your partner on Valentine’s Day! 


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  1. I really struggle with ideas for the mean in my life for every situation, so thanks so much for these ideas!

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